WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Recap – New Champions

It’s time for the WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 and there may be some interesting things going down tonight, but I guess we have to wait and see. Rusev was injured last week and has been taking time off to possibly be ready for tonight. If not some say Bray Wyatt will replace him. Only time will tell now.

We have Cena vs Kevin Owens in a Champion vs Champion match with no titles on the line, WWE title up for grabs, and a first ever Tag Team Elimination Chamber match. A couple filler matches too, let’s do this people. It’s CHAMBER TIME!!! #WWEChamber

2015 WWE Elimination Chamber – It’s time for the first match

First up is the Tag Team Elimination Chamber match for the titles. Last team standing wins.

Primetime Players vs Los Matadores vs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs The New Day (c) vs The Ascension vs Lucha Dragons


The New Day has all 3 members in their pod and Torito the Bull is on top of the pod for Los Matadores. Lucha Dragons take the early initiative. New Day interfering from inside of their pod and a New Day Sucks chant erupts.  Dragons climbing all over the top of the cage.

Sin Cara with an insane swanton. 4 minutes is up and Tyson and Cesaro are now in the ring and ready to go to work. They are laying The Ascension out. Cesaro is drilling everyone with uppercuts in a beautiful variety of deliveries. Still no eliminations with under 2 minutes until the next team is released.

Kidd has a Sharpshooter on Victor and Connor breaks it up. King calls Cole JR by accident and says he “Had a flashback.” lol funny mistake. Next team out is… Los Matadores. El Torito flys off the top of the pod and Kalisto has climbed to the top of the chamber. He swings himself into a splash position and drops from the top, pretty sweet. Still no teams eliminated.

THIS IS AWESOME chants breaking out now, and well deserved. Will the 2015 WWE Elimination Chamber deliver the goods tonight?

Fall of Man from The Ascension and they eliminate Los Matadores. 2 minutes until another team enters, New Day or PTP. Gotta give The Ascension credit this is the best they have looked since moving up to the main roster. Fall of Man again and Lucha Dragons are eliminated. They’re dominating right now and looking strong.

Next team is out and it’s the Prime Time Players and they’re exploding out of the pod with purpose going right for The Ascension. They hit their finishers and eliminate The Ascension. Now PTP is working Cesaro and Kidd with only The New Day left to come out, and they’ll have all 3 members coming out to fight.

Cesaro and Gator is a wicked combo in the ring fighting each other. They match up really well IMO and I would like to see those two work a program some day against each other. Under 2 min for New Day coming out. Huge 3 person superplex of carnage with PTP and Cesaro. Countdown is here and The New Day is out to battle.

4 vs 3 group suplex against New Day. Cool spot. Woods gets locked in a pod and now Cesaro Swing on Kofi. WOAHHH Darren Young gets the pin on Cesaro out of nowhere. PTP vs New Day is the final matchup.

The crowd really hates The New Day. I kinda agree, they suck. PTP has 100x the personality. They get Titus stuck on the outside cage and Darren fights off the lopsided battle for a moment. Everyone is down. Titus gets his head free and boots Woods to hell. Young drops Kofi on the ropes and Titus goes to work on Big E ramming him over and over on the outside of the cage. Titus is in straight up Gator-mode right now, I love this guy. PUSH HIM TO THE MOON WWE.

Titus running clothesline on Big E. Young hits his finisher on Kofi, 2.5 count. Titus powerslam on Big E, 2 count. Titus kicked in the head and all 3 pile on him for the pinfall.

Winners: The New Day


They announce Rusev is OUT of the match tonight for the Intercontinental title but don’t say WHO is replacing him. They then go to Lana with Ziggler.

Nikki Bella (c) vs Naomi vs Paige in a Triple Threat match for the Divas Championship

They all get a variety of spots, pretty much the usual in a Divas match nowadays. It’s a shame because these girls can do a lot more if given the chance. Naomi’s lighted shoes are stupid looking that’s all I’m gonna say about that. Snoozer of match that does not even belong in the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV.

Nikki, rack attack. 1 2 3

Winner: Nikki Bella in a forgettable 3 way match.

Promo package for Cena vs Owens. Let’s go.

John Cena (c) vs Kevin Owens (c) in a Champion versus Champion match, no titles on the line

Crowd is pretty hot for the match to start. Announcers telling the back story. Fight Owens Fight chant breaks out immediately. They’re going back and forth taking their shots. Owens tries to play to the crowd and gets booed.

Owens has zero personality. I know  a lot of people want to toss this guys salad and fan worship him, but bleh. Not impressed. He looks lethargic and overmatched and Cena has to oversell to make it even remotely believable.

Cena vs OwensOwens took control for a while and Cena fights his way out and gets hit again this time with a DDT. Owens goes for a pin and Cena kicks out at 2. Owens with a boot to the face. This has basically become a let Cena sell Owens as a badass match but he kicks out over and over just to frustrate Eat Owens Eat.

Cena kicks out of a few pin attempts and then Popup Powerbomb, Owens gets the 1-2-3 and wins.

Winner: Kevin Owens in a huge snoozer. This guy is a straight up fucking bore to watch.


Neville vs Bo Dallas

They used this sadly as a filler match. Bo gain some weight while he was off? He looks like he has put on a few pounds. Bo takes control for a while and then Neville fight back.

Crowd is beyond dead right now. Cena losing completely deflated the crowd. Neville makes a comeback and picks up the 1-2-3.

Winner: Neville via Red Arrow

Triple H talks to Ambrose and Reigns and tells them Roman Reigns can’t be involved in the match or Ambrose will get DQ’d.

Intercontinental Title Elimination Chamber Match

Mark Henry vs Sheamus vs R-Truth vs Ryback vs King Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph and Barrett go at it for a while and when the pod opens it’s R-Truth and King Barrett goes after him before he even makes it out of the pod. R-Truth had no chance as soon as the pod opened.

Barrett rams Ziggler into Henry’s pod and Mark Henry just says Fuck It and walks out of the broken pod and goes to work on everyone in the ring. Sexual Chocolate is here people and someone else is getting released a few seconds later. The Big Guy, Ryback is in the ring and goes for Mark Henry.

Royal Bull Hammer countered with a Superkick, then Ryback and R-Truth hit the King and Barrett is pinned and out of the match. The 4 in the ring have a stand off with Sheamus watching from outside in his pod. Feed Me More chant breaks out.

The door for Sheamus won’t open up. All three go after Mark Henry as a team to eliminate him but Ryback can’t help himself and clotheslines Ziggler and then Shellshocks R-Truth for the 1-2-3 and R-Truth is eliminated.

Sheamus is still in his pod. Stuck. Boo hoo ya Celtic bore.

Ryback holding Ziggler up in a vertical suplex for a solid minute. Goldberg chants break out he held him up for so long. Ryback missed the Meathook and eats a Superkick. Sheamus finally gets out of his pod.

Brogue kick to Henry and he’s eliminated. We’re down to Sheamus, Ziggler, and Ryback. Ziggler gets pinned and is out and we’re down to the final two.

Ryback-IC-title-Elimination-Chamber-360x220Sheamus goes after Ryback immediately. Ryback makes a comeback and starts putting in some work on the Celtic Warrior. Running Powerslam. WAKE UP. It’s Feeding TIME! Feed Me More. Feed Me More. Feed Me More. The crowd is hot for The Big Guy.

White Noise on the steel outside. Ryback kicks out at 2.5 and we’re still going. Crowd is decisively behind Ryback. #FeedMeMore chants continue. Rolling Centon on the steel to Ryback.

The Big Guy catches him and throws him into the ring. Shellshock. 1 – 2 – 3 and RYBACK WINS THE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE!! His first singles title at the WWE Elimination Chamber. Congrats Big Guy.

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Ryback


Here we go, WWE Title is up for grabs tonight. Two former members of The Shield now doing battle on opposite sides for the biggest prize of them all. The WWE Title.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins (c)

They trade positioning from the start with a series of armbars and lockups. As expected once Dean had any kind of advantage J&J starts their usual BS of interfering to give Seth time to recover and regain an advantage.

The crowd is behind Dean and then Seth plays to the crowd he is booed. Then the You Sold Out chants in his honor. Both guys going after each other with no real advantage right now.

Dean sends them both over the top rope and J&J want to get involved but back off when started down by the Lunatic Fringe. It was still enough to give Seth the advantage outside of the ring. Near fall, 2 count for the champ but Ambrose kicks out. These guys keep going at it back and forth and the in-ring work is fantastic. These guys are studs and can GO.

Dean gets a near pinfall again on Seth. It’s close. Ambrose is powering up. Distracting him from Dirty Deeds. They can go in and out of the ring so fast after moves its sick. Ambrose exploded out of the corner with a vicious clothesline. Everyone gets involved including Kane. Ambrose dives off the top rope to the outside on J&J plus Kane. Rollins jumps out on Ambrose but gets leveled with ANOTHER clothesline.

Seth grabs the ref and Ambrose appears to knee him so we have no ref right now. Dirty Deeds! 1 – 2 – 3 but there is no ref. A second ref comes in. 1 – 2 – 3 and we have a winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion… DEAN AMBROSE!

Winner: Dean Ambrose via Dirty Deeds

Awesome Main Event match these two guys are going to headline for years and years to come and it is absolutely what is best for business. The crowd is amped for Dean Ambrose’s victory. Now the 2 refs are arguing in the ring. Now they’re saying Ambrose has won via DQ and Seth Rollins is still the WWE Champion.

If you thought the crowd was pissed over Cena losing this is just sending them overboard mad and a huge BULLSHIT chant. J&J + Seth + Kane now mugging Ambrose and Roman’s music hits and they scramble. He came out from the back not the audience and jacks up Rollins with a Superman punch. Ambrose is still holding the BELT and is not giving it back.

Roman and Dean leave through the crowd with the WWE title and big smiles. The WWE Elimination Chamber is over, and I’m feeling kinda meh. See you for WWE RAW tomorrow night.


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