RIP Harley Race

Cancer sucks. It can take the meekest of people down and the mightiest with the same level of ease. Lung cancer took Harley Race down.

I remember when I first saw him, on an NWA episode back in the early 80s in our “third bedroom” which was really just thick carpet, one couch, and a TV. My mother used the room to get away from us but I also used it for those UHF channels where I could tune in the NWA on the weekends.

Harley Race was a badass. One of those guys where you felt like he was not in character and just there to fuck people up. You have to remember he came from a time with no internet, no real dirt sheets like you have today, and a ton more mystery.

I thought he would slap the shit out of me through the TV!!!

He was also an incredible entertainer. I remember being riveted to his matches, not a single “piss break” match that I ever saw. For any flash he lacked it was made up a thousand fold in total badassery.

Sadly, Harley Race is now gone from this world. Our condolences from the Dirty Coinslot family to his. Thank you Harley, for the decades of entertainment. You will never be forgotten.

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