NXT is moving to USA Network

Holy Shit! NXT is moving to the USA Network on Wednesday nights!

Triple H’s baby is hitting the big time. From the sounds of it on the pro wrestling dirt sheets, he is also going to be retaining control of the product in an attempt to thwart AEW and their show coming to TNT in October.

NXT will be airing LIVE on the USA Network at 8/7C starting September 18th. This is a few weeks BEFORE AEW is on the air and clearly an attempt at stealing some of their thunder on Wednesday nights (when AEW plans on airing as well.) Allegedly the contract is for 50mil a year which is not bad at all considering it’s the minimum. Should the show skyrocket, the $$ goes up.

The two-hour NXT weekly show will also be available on demand via the WWE Network every Thursday night at 8/7C.

NXT TakeOver events? They’re still going to continue streaming LIVE exclusively on the WWE Network.

So what do you think? Good move by WWE?

In some ways it devalues the WWE Network by losing some exclusive content but in the long run they’re keeping the TakeOver PPVs in the Network as that exclusive streaming value. If anything I feel like this will HELP the weekly NXT show which does have it’s ups and downs at times.

The one pain point here is some of the up and comer matches may now end up being dark or not in the show since they’re going to need WWE style television numbers.

Either way, stay tunes. NXT is coming to the USA Network in a month!

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