Do You Want To Be In The Next Steel Panther Video?

Your life has meant absolutely nothing until now. Okay I’m kidding, it has meant SOMETHING but maybe you’re just not reaching your maximum potential.

Ready to get fucking crazy?

Heavy Metal maniacs Steel Panther are offering the fans a chance to be in their next video “Fuck Everybody” and you can see Stix giving instructions here.

Once you know what to do it’s simple. Shoot your video. Bring your mom, your grandma, and hell your sister can hold the camera or hold grandma’s hair as she pukes. The magic and adventure of your video and how you shoot it is 100% in your hands. Let’s get crazy!

After you complete your debauchery filled video, upload it here to Steel Panther’s Google docs link and let the magic begin!

Clap Them Cheeks

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