Quiet Riot – “In The Blood”

Quiet Riot’s new video “In The Blood” has officially moved them from rock and roll trailblazers on MTV…

…to something completely unknown.

A shell of their former glory and awesomeness.

Truth be told I’m not going to review only things I love. That’s just not fair. Quiet Riot as a band? I LOVE THEM. Anyone who knows me realizes I’ve been a huge QR fan my entire life. I remember doing shots with Kevin DuBrow in the 90s at the Birch Hill Night Club in Old Bridge Township, New Jersey. Britny Fox opened up that night and it was just an awesome, small town rock show.

That was the 80s and 90s.

Hollywood Cowboys

Fast forward to 2019 and we have what we have. A band still clinging on to the vibe of the past but clearly missing the mark. Frankie, Alex, and Chuck all deliver the goods musically. There is no doubt about it. But the shrieking vocals of former American Idol contestant James Durbin are nothing short of off-putting. It kills me to say it but I absolutely hate the last 2 Quiet Riot albums. Hollywood Cowboys only just came out the other week and I’m already done with it.

Mind you, James Durbin is no longer in Quiet Riot and Jizzy Pearl has been hired back to lead the band. That’s ok. I’m way more open to him in the band, especially live. Jizzy Pearl has a voice and presence and he is always a pleasure to watch live.

In The Blood hits YouTube

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and this video was released. I just don’t get it. Aesthetically the video concept isn’t bad, and anyone who follows QR knows that Frankie is essentially the frontman now and has been for quiet some time. It’s just the overall delivers is bad, James does not fit in at all, and it just has this cobbled together vibe for the sake of making a video. It had potential, but went wide right.

Beyond the music, videos, and bullshit of the internet and me having a laugh at this videos expense. I am so happy for Frankie battling and kicking cancers ass. Frankie Banali LOVES Quiet Riot and is truly doing what he thinks is best for the band. Even if fans find the video silly/campy. As artists, that shit is always a part of our existence. 4 decades in the business of always being a nice dude, and deserves to live a happy and healthy life. I was very pleased to see his name in the news recently that he is on the mend and shoving a drum stick up cancers ass in true rock and roll fashion.

So watch the video, In The Blood, and yeah… soak it in for all of its campy glory.

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