Testament releases Titans of Creation

Any day I can post up about new thrash metal, is generally a good one. When it is about an iconic band like Testament, fuck me, this is exactly what I needed while stuck home riding out the CoronaMania wave.

Testament Titans of Creation

Testament's latest album Titans of Creation is here!

Almost 4 decades into their career, the Bay Area thrash gods of metal Testament remain on top of the metal scene where they belong. They do it by dropping kick ass albums every few years and this is no exception.

Tremendous followup after Brotherhood of the Snake from a few years back.

This is their 13th album and Chuck Billy with his tremendous voice and a truly kick ass band with him led by Alex Skolnick on guitar, Steve Di Giorgio on bass, Eric Peterson on guitar, and Gene Hoglan smashing the skins what else could you really expect? These guys are metal to the core and have all mastered their craft.

Titans of Creation tracklist:

  1. Children of the Next Level
  2. WWIII
  3. Dream Deceiver
  4. Night of the Witch
  5. City of Angels
  6. Ishtar’s Gate
  7. Symptoms
  8. False Prophet
  9. The Healers
  10. Code of Hammurabi
  11. Curse of Osiris
  12. Catacombs

I’m a couple of spins through the album already and it’s hard to pick a favorite just yet. Maybe a dozen more playthroughs before I can decide but it’s a long weekend I have the time.

This album took inspiration from the bands visit to Jerusalem, cult related chaos, and the healers who helped Chuck Billy when he battled cancer.

Go buy the album people. That’s all I can tell you. They’re bringing it in true Testament form, Titans of Creation belong in their catalog and will stand the test of time.

Here’s the lyric video for Night of the Witch, enjoy!

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