The Story

Every website seems to have one nowadays. The infamous “About Us” page. Where the providers of content need to get out a full story about themselves, their accomplishments, and what makes them special. I’m going to net it out to you in one sentence and then tell you a story instead.

I'm Steve Lichtman. Dad & Husband, Metalhead, 80s fan, D&D and general TTRPG fan, Amateur Comedian, Pro Wrestling fan.

That’s it. All you need really. I don’t need to justify your presence with 1,500 words of greatness, I just want you to laugh and have a good time.

Whether it’s posts on the site, the podcast, artwork and memes. Whatever the content is just know two really simple things:

  1. I probably find it funny which is why I’m posting it.
  2. I’m massively politically incorrect at times but

Hey Steve, enough guy. Let's hear the story.

Fair enough! The story is about my inspiration for Dirty Coinslot.

As a kid, the gaming scene was really just blossoming. Born in the early 70s the arcade was the place to be. I was lucky enough to have the source of inspiration that was Nathans of Oceanside. One part mass consumption hot dog stand to one part arcade and pinball cave. This was my own personal slice of heaven.

Nathan's Famous Oceanside

From playing the classic arcade cabinet Carnival with my old man, to 15-20+ years later spending all day playing pinball with friends one thing always rang true. There was time to play games.

As time passed technology increased, home gaming became the norm. Starting with the Atari like many and then onto a Vic20 with a cassette drive playing Space Invaders to eventual “PC gaming” and consoles with a slice of everything in-between; I have played them all. Loving every minute of it.

Life Happens, Games stick around forever

Hell I still have my original Gameboy. I remember buying it when they first came out at this store called “Consumers Distributors” where it was catalog shopping with immediate payoff as they had a warehouse in the back and would bring you most items immediately. If they sold out, you got a ticket to pick the item up a week later.

Fast Forward to the past few years and I’m older, wiser, and have a kid to impart my love of arcade games. Luckily there are amazing things happening in the world of Retro Gaming.

Long Island Retro Gaming Expo is a yearly weekend of awesomeness. Classic arcade cabinets, pinball, culture, podcasts happening live, music and beer at night, tons of vendors. THE WORKS. They literally fill a museum for 2 days and the people have spoken. We want more!

So they opened up an Arcade Age Exhibit featuring tons of awesome games you can play for only $10 a head. Take My Money $$$!!

Games are a HUUUGE part, but there's so much more.

I’m a huge rock n roll and heavy metal fan. That’s always going to be shared here. Pro Wrestling? Who DOESN’T like people jumping off the top rope into the audience with a massive splash? Come on!!

Dungeons and Dragons? Yup. More recently we’re been playing Gaslands and making our own cars. It’s been a fun time to share with the kid.

So what are you to expect here at Dirty Coinslot? Well, a little bit of everything I find cool. The occasional historical story, lots of gaming videos, pro wrestling recaps, and heavy metal videos. Hell, you’ll even find some crafting from time to time since I have spent the better part of 2 decades building puppets and mascot characters.

Nothing is off the table. If it is enjoyable, I’m in.